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Sasan Gir is a province in the Gujarat state that is home to Asiatic Lions and lush greenery that is preferred by tourists for a peaceful staycation from regular hectic routine life – Gir National Park is the sanctuary that makes the place famous and attracts tourists for a nature stay. Winter and summers are considered as the best times to visit the place.
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Gir the most adventurous forest region to stay and Gir Lion Safari Camp is amongst the luxury staycation that anyone can book for a nature stay.

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The Sasan Gir National Park

The most popular sightseeing attraction of Sasan-Gir, established in 1965 it spreads over an area of 1412 sq. km and holds a population of Asiatic lions to be protected from extinction. This park is preserved by the combined efforts of the Government Forest Department, NGOs and several wildlife activists. There are 38 mammals, 300 birds, 37 reptiles and 2000 insects. Species you can see are Asiatic lions, Indian leopards, jungle cats, striped hyenas, golden jackals and birds include vultures, crested serpent eagle, great horned owl and others.

The Somnath Temple

Situated 46 km from Sasan-Gir, Somnath Temple is the most popular ancient Hindu religious temple of India and is one of the richest temples that lost its charm after it was looted several times by the forces of Mahmud of Ghazni in 10th century AD. It was earlier known as ‘Prabhas Patan’ and is one of the 12 important Hindu shrines of Lord Shiva. You can also visit Somnath Beach, Museum, Junagadh Gate, Bhaika Teertha, Jama Masjid, Ahilyabai Temple, Bhidiyo Pagoda, Gir National Park, Chorwad Beach, Mai Puri and Port of Veraval.

The Junagadh Zoo

Situated in the Junagadh district and mainly known for its Gir Lions, this zoo was built by Nawab in 1863 with the motive of saving these lions from extinction. Now, this zoo has turned into an established safari park that somehow provides you a small glimpse of the Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary comprising lions, leopards and tigers. It also has a well maintained museum that has several paintings, archaeological findings and manuscripts along with a unique history section.

The Uperkot Fort

Built by Chandragupta Maurya in 319 BC and later extended by several emperors, The Uperkot Fort has been besieged 16 times and it was also abandoned during the period of 7th to 10th century until it was rediscovered out of an overgrown jungle. At the entrance of this fort, there are three gates and the walls of this fort are 20 m high, comprising a mosque, which has been made out of demolished Hindu temples in the place.

Tulsi Shyam Temple

A pious temple in Junagadh and Amreli district of Gujarat state that has the shrine of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shyam, it’s been believed that the statue of Lord Tulsi Shyam is 3000 years old. There are three hot water springs in TulsiShyam and each of this spring has unique boiling water, people around believe that taking bath in these spring water helps to get rid of skin diseases.

Devaliya National Park

Also entitled as Gir Interpretation Zone, Devaliya Park is an area carved out as a distinct eco-tourism locale allowing tourists to view lions as well as the other rare wild animals of Gir within a short span of time and against cheaper charges. The park allows the facility of reserving the population of wild animals within an area segregated with Ha Chain linked fences.

Kankai Mata Temple

25km from Sasan Gir, in the heart of the jungle is a pious shrine of Kankai Mata that benefacts the shepherds of Gir forest. Because of the roar of lions and other gathered animals near the lake marks the place supremely wild and so the forest department doesn’t allow more than 50 devotees to stay for the night in the shrine.

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