The Jaibagh Palace
The Jaibagh Palace
The Jaibagh Palace
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The Jaibagh Palace

Welcome to our opulent heritage resort in the heart of Jaipur, where the past and present blend seamlessly to offer an unforgettable experience. Steeped in rich history and adorned with regal architecture, The Jaibagh Palace exudes timeless charm and splendor. Immerse yourself in the regal ambiance as you indulge in world-class amenities, exquisite dining, and personalized services fit for royalty. Our luxurious rooms and opulent interiors ensure a stay of unparalleled comfort and sophistication, while our attentive staff caters to your every need, ensuring an enchanting stay. As the sun sets over the Pink City, our resort comes alive with the magic of cultural performances, creating a tapestry of colors and traditions. Explore the majestic heritage sites nearby, or rejuvenate your senses at our indulgent spa and wellness center. With our meticulous attention to detail, we promise you an experience that will linger in your memories, leaving you with a longing to return to our exclusive haven in Jaipur.
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Classic Rooms

Heritage Rooms

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Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Savor diverse flavors in our multi-cuisine restaurant, where culinary delights from around the world await you.
Swimming Pool
Invigorating aquatic retreat offering relaxation, exercise, and fun, with a pristine swimming pool for rejuvenation.
Car Park & Rental
Convenient car park and rental services, simplifying transportation with easy access and flexible vehicle options.

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