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Weddings are the most desirable picture perfect event for which a theme is always selected by the couples - an ideal theme wedding makes the day feel like a dream come true, memorable and cherishing forever. Trulyy India Hotels and Resorts assures to make each wedding special and memorable for the bride, the groom and for the family members who all wish for the day for years and and collect memories to cherish further. We offer varied packages and themes for destination weddings and wedding functions - know more about our themes.

  • Rajwadi Theme
  • Traditional Theme
  • Nature Theme
  • Nawab Theme
  • Floral Theme
  • Carnival Theme
  • Vintage Theme
  • Fusion Theme
  • Forest Theme
  • Disney Princess Theme

Rajwadi Theme

Rajasthan is the most preferred venue for destination weddings by couples who want to have a rajwadi hospitality touch in their wedding and also get a historical venue with palace outlook to get the feel of the Maharaja and Maharani getting married. The colorful and vibrant regal theme will take you back to the Rajputana Era when princesses get attire of heavy jewellery, bright color lehenga and the groom in the sherwani with sword - just like a warrior arriving to meet his queen. You can have rajasthani folk dance performances on your sangeet, entertainers on the mehendi, delicious food dishes and sweet dishes on wedding day buffet, entry of the bride in palki and the groom on the horse. This theme includes a lot more than mentioned here and so is the most chosen package by couples for a royal wedding.

Traditional Theme

In India weddings are considered as the most pious occasion where souls unite under the blessings of their god with custom traditions and rituals that makes them believe for an eternity together. Bollywood movies and songs have set this traditional wedding theme which they call big fat Indian wedding where each occasion is celebrated with joy, color, food, fun, dance performances, fancy wedding dresses and decoration that holds the breath. This theme is the most excellent choice to make, it would hold the heart of both elders and youngers who would be being a part of your day - you can let us know about your rituals and idols that you worship, we would host an event which would totally set the mood and go with the wedding trends.

Nature Theme

We all are somewhere somehow connected to nature and feel delighted when step into premise that reflects the warm feeling of greenery and so we offer a nature or green theme wedding where each and everything would be according to the color. Flower decorations with a green background, couple’s outfit in green shades, organic food dishes in all the wedding ceremonies and a milieu that will definitely make your guests feel connected with nature. This theme wedding is unique, yet stylish enough to give it a try and rest will all be managed and planned as per your desires - we make your day just like you have imagined.

Nawab Theme

We all know that the only city that reflects the royalty of Nawab’s is Lucknow and so we offer a theme wedding where the bride and the groom can enjoy the feel and vibe of the Nawab and Begum on their big day with utmost elegance and royalty. The venue would be decorated with shimmering colored glasses, big hanging lanterns, bride in dark fluorescent sharara suits and groom in the sherwani with a churidar pajama alongwith “Pasha” jewellery and accessories that makes the couple look royal. The other most important factor of the wedding is the food and in this wedding theme we offer cuisines with lucknowi taste and essence of the Nawabs.

Floral Theme

Floral theme weddings are the most romantic theme for weddings where different color flowers are used to make the ambiance get the feel of a flower garden - the walls are covered with flower beds, pathways of the guest entrance are decorated with blooming flowers and sparkling lights that would make it look pleasant and royal. The mandap or stage where the bride and groom would be taking pheras would be decorated with beautiful purple and white orkut flowers or any other flower that couple feels like connected to - the dining area would be decorated and the food dishes would be served just like a flowers bouquet, our chef’s are talented enough to make the dishes go with the theme. Just imagine how amazing it would be to take vows where the mesmerising fragrance of the flowers would be filling love in your marriage forever.

Carnival Theme

One of the most popular wedding themes in India that has been widely chosen by couples these days - it’s totally filled with fun, amusement and uniqueness. The theme can be suitable for both day wedding or night wedding as it won’t only have colors but many fun activities that would make your guests involved in it and have quality time enjoying your special day - truly being part of. Colorful and candy themed props, juggling clowns, light shows to delightful family dance performances, puppet shows and etc will make adults feel like kids again and your wedding would become the talk of the town. If you have a spacious venue and a long list of guests then this theme would be most ideal for you - colorful stands and stalls, lights, music, fun frolic environment will make your dream day feel come true.

Vintage Theme

Well we can’t deny but couples these days are fond of vintage styles and traditions - so to make them feel special we introduce the vintage theme wedding so that they don’t have to compromise with their wedding dreams. Vintage theme could be a customised theme where you can go for a victorian era setup, indian setup, historical mughal setup or any other because the vintage era of India was quite happening and incredible so you can get as many choices as you want to set the perfect theme. This vintage theme has just came into the trend so the couple could say that they are having a unique wedding - you just have to recall an era that you want to recreate while taking forever vows and our planners will make you feel like part of that era all over again.

Fusion Theme

Indeed, it is as gracious as it sounds..!! Fusion theme weddings are actually a unique amalgamation of Indian and English culture weddings which makes your special day a bit different but elegant and is widely chosen by couples who belong to different religions. You can let our wedding planners know about your preferences and all the decorations, food menus, dress code, sitting arrangement would be done as per that. You can let the culture of both the families reflect in this theme wedding, through flowers, rituals, curtain styling and the stage where the couple would be taking blessings of relatives and pheras. The fusion wedding can be totally customised by the couple and we assure to make your each desire come true with everything perfect and right on the place.

Forest Theme

Have you ever thought of a wedding theme out of the box ? If not, then forest theme wedding or the garden theme wedding would be the most vibrant choice to make - it would be indoors only but our wedding planners and decorators will make you feel convinced that you are actually getting hitched in an open garden or a forest. The venue entrance would be covered with walls of flowers and green plants, the bar and dining area would be having shimmering lights with the same green decoration, bright chandeliers, flowers and plants in each corner and a royal entry that will hold the eyes of everyone on you. This would be the most unique and different style of wedding which one could rarely imagine to have or be part of - all your guests and you will remember the day forever and also talk about it to others.

Disney Princess Theme

It’s always the bride who is more excited with the wedding theme, events, decoration, guest list, food menu, couple entry, dance and etc as they are the one who have been dreaming for a fairy tale wedding right from their childhood and wish the day to be exactly like that. For those brides we have Disney Princess Theme Wedding where the groom can choose to be any disney princess that she has been admiring off and we do the decoration like a fairy princess godmother ( who makes the dream of princesses come true. You can get your food menu named after your favorite characters, have a grand entry on the chariot, take your vows under the blessing of all your loved ones and then fly off for a dreamy honeymoon to the destination you want your happy journey to begin. All your princess wedding dreams would come true with us.


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