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The Desert Oasis

The Desert Oasis is a boutique hotel that seeks to provide you with exclusive dune experiences; it is a true oasis in the Thar desert. The 12 ultra-luxury tents at Desert Oasis, which are fully equipped with all the amenities you could possibly need, combining the experiences of living in the desert with living extravagantly.

This hotel, which is situated in the quaint village of Barna, provides camping excursions, authentic cuisine, and a variety of other unforgettable safari experiences. So it’s time to embark on the trip of a lifetime. With the help of the enchantment of Desert Oasis, travel back in time and into the lap of luxury.

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Total Number Of Rooms : 12

The Desert Oasis is made up of 12 ultra-luxurious tents that mix the experiences of living luxuriously and in the desert while being fully equipped with all the conveniences you could possibly require.

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