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Gir Lion Safari Camp

The dense jungles of Sasan Gir rest over the picturesque river beds and historic forts of Veraval and Junagadh; the sanctuary, which spans an area of 1412 square kilometres, is also home to other diverse species of animals, birds, and lush flora. Gir Lion Safari Camp by Truly India Hotels and Resorts is one of the best resorts in Sasan Gir. We have the most elegant and roomy luxury campgrounds in Sasan Gir where you can plan your restorative stay before joining our guides and tour planners on a Gir Safari ride to capture some incredible moments for your travel journal.

For a luxurious retreat in the palms of nature, book a Sasan Gir hotel with us that is situated alongside the Hiren River and in the centre of a mango orchard. Visit Sasan Gir Safari to experience the lifestyle of mind-blowing creatures taking a leisurely stroll on their home turf. Here, wildlife is celebrated and conserved for all.

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Luxury Cottages

Total Number Of Rooms : 11

To snuggle down in the arms of nature, our cottages are the most promising accommodation option to choose from; the beautiful ten cottages surrounded by lush green trees and grass these cottages will make you fall in love with the venue. The room has an occupancy capacity of three adults or two adults with a young kid; the cottages have a wardrobe, furniture and bathroom attached with a shower kit available.

Additional Facilities

Luxury Tents

Total Number Of Rooms : 10

Our tents are the most suitable and contemporary option to pick for your stay when making reservations due to their elegant interiors and modern facilities. The tents can accommodate three persons or two adults and a child. In addition, the rooms contain wardrobes for your belongings, an attached bathroom with a shower kit, and windows so you can get adequate ventilation and see the landscape.

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Total Number Of Rooms : 4

With fine interiors and modern-day amenities available, our tents are the most adequate and stylish option for a stay while confirming your reservations. The tents have an occupancy capacity of three adults or two adults with a kid. Apart from that, rooms have a wardrobe for your assets, an attached bathroom with a shower kit, windows for ventilation, and a view around.

Additional Facilities

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