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Corporate Events


When a firm or an organisation plans to host an event for their clients, employees, distributors, sponsors or other business entity then the event is called the corporate event. A small company or a large scale organisation, each one plans a corporate event where they decide to break the discussions, achievements, rules, innovations, progress, celebration amongst their working colleagues that is just like a family now.

Trulyy India Hotels and Resorts is a reputed chain of hotels that offers varied services to each guest that arrives on their enquiry desk - amongst vivid packages, for corporate firms we offer corporate event packages in different states of India and allot them space that fits their events requirement. All our resorts across India have banquet halls and conference halls with varying occupying capacity and arrangements - eventually we give options enough to choose and find a fitting venue for your event.

Types of events that we assist to plan at our venue, are as follows :-


Conferences is an event that is planned when the business firm targets a particular audience, educates them with their perspectives and gives them a day or two to interact with other visitors, expand their communication circle, mergers, collaborations and alot more to expand their brand name. We have conference halls of varied sizes so that you could select one as per your guest list and have an accommodating event - we can arrange a lectern for your keynote speaker, display screen for videos, slideshows and representations. We can organise your event right as per your requirement and guidance.

Trade Shows / Exhibitions

Trade Shows and Exhibitions are a big scale event where a particular business type or traders rent a premise and invite other business owners to occupy a place amongst exhibitors and expand their ways for collaborations and business expansion. We offer such premium spaces where you could invite your exhibitors, as per the count we would allot the sections for each and let your visitors come to you and take a glance to everyone who desires for exposure of goods, products, firm or group. You can let us know the theme and style that you require to attract your visitors and we would exactly plan such an event that everyone could enjoy.

Awards / Gala Dinners

Awards and gala dinners are technically two different events but can be planned at one event space - Award ceremonies by business groups are planned when they desire for a grand recognition of their brand while giving awards as a gesture for appreciation to employees, stakeholders, partners and other categories that you feel like your employees are working well. Whereas Gala dinners are planned when you want to cease a deal or a merger amongst the important members of the organisation or to cheer the employees who performed well. We have space for both and our event planners decorate the venue totally suitable and ideal to fit the event image perfectly.

Incentive Programs

Well each year when the financial year is announced everyone working or having a business expects for an increment or appraisal that could begin the new year with new heights. Our event planners are so perfect while planning an incentive program gathering that you could feel worth trusting us - we can help you to sort the category of event, sitting arrangement that could let each member easy to approach or attend. You can give us an idea of the event, guest list, incentive list and everything that you desire to be in your event and we will make your event the picture perfect event for your brand name.

Product Launch Events

Launch events are the most promising and self explanatory event where a brand's name is introduced to all the viewers who connect with the brand and desire for being a part of it. You can let us know about your product and we will give you an ideal space where you can exhibit it amongst the viewer as a key highlight of the event and let all your guests have a glance of it. We can arrange an addressing desk for your host, space for your guests to sit and get introduced to the product, banners and pamphlets to let your brand be visible to everyone.

AGM / Company Meetings

AGM and company meetings are generally those small scale events where the company announces their success, innovations, introduction to new agendas and patterns which company would be following for the new financial year. Generally these events depend on the firm and organisation - big firms use this as an exposure platform to seek more visitors, stakeholders, partners and employees too. You can let us know about your event in detail, guest list that you would be expecting to attend and we will arrange everything according to that - you can add stay, food, sightseeing around if you want it to be a grand event.

Hospitality Gathering

Most people get confused with the definition of hospitality and corporate gathering when asked about the event categories - hospitality is an event which is thrown to build a firm relationship between the firm and its employees, stakeholders, advertisers, promoters, sponsors and everyone else who is in relationship with the organisation. Our event planners will help you to plan the most exciting hospitality as all our resorts are on different adventurous locations and so your group can enjoy sightseeing around, curricular activities and sports that could indulge everyone in the group, group lunch / dinners, outings, pool party and an ambiance that would refill the working spirit and benefit the firm to achieve greater success.

Team Building Events

A special type of event where companies try to amalgamate their employees so that they could form a team that gives their best shot behind each task assigned by the company and these events eventually benefit the company as their employees work in mutual collaboration to deliver the benefiting success to the organisation. You can let us know about your company, product and the team that you want to collaborate with and our event planners will theme the event as per it so that the atmosphere around would encourage your employees to build up their team and know about each other's interest to build a firm team.

Experiential Events

This category has recently evolved amongst the business owners, an experiential event is planned to introduce a product amongst the users and consumers so that they easily connect with the value of the product and let other people know about it too. You can make a desirable list of guests whom you believe to be more in connection with the consumers, clientele and have a well established communicating circle where the product would get wide exposure. We would let you get everything arranged ideally as per your requirement and make sure that your product gets the exposure that the firm desires its product to get.


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