Strict Safety Guidelines Followed By Trulyy India In All The Resorts and Hotels

Trulyy India Hotels and Resorts is a renowned chain of hotels that beholds most palatial and stylish taverns in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Gujarat where luxury blends with comfort to make each stay rejuvenating and safe. This year the nation got struck by a pandemic that forced everyone to shut down their business and stay at home and asked to follow some safety tips that could prevent you from getting infected as no one has the cure. Tourism got adversely affected by it but now most of the places have reopened to entertain guests and give them a safe staycation in the desire to walk out of home – we have also reopened all our properties but have made sure that the safety guidelines given by the government are followed strictly. Here is a quick overview of the safety tips that we are following at our resorts and expect the staff members and guests to support it and follow it :

1. We sterilize the linens in high temperature wash

A comfy clean mattress is the key secret of a sound sleep and so we always clean our linens thoroughly so that no patch mark could make a guest feel uncomfortable or compromised with hygiene standards but after this pandemic has struck us the hygiene standards have become more priority. As we know that the virus could spread through a little touch also we have made sure that all our linens are sterilized and washed thoroughly in hot water – it kills germs and then dried well so the monsoon won’t let moisture setting. Every day since we have started attending guests, we change the linens and tuck fresh pillow covers and doormats too – no unpleasant smell would fill the room.  

2. Guests should wear mask while roaming in public areas or resort premises

Mostly all our resorts have lawn space to walk around, a swimming pool to sit over, a restaurant to dine in, a fitness area and corners where you can see guests gathered for fun and quality time – at that time we make sure and ask each member to keep their face mask on because what is spreading around is unpredictable we can’t say when or where or how it will trap your body. We can assure you for your health and safety but we can’t assure you as your safety is in your hands though we keep on our staff members on watch to keep on reminding that do not to pull off their masks until and unless you are not in your rooms. A little careless attitude can affect many people’s health and life. 

3. Staff members should wear mask while communicating with guests or other members

When you step into our premises we feel committed to your safety and health either guest or staff members – we look after staff because they are the strong backbone behind our reputation; they dedicatedly work behind each guest to make stay blissful and comfortable. In our staff we have chefs’ housekeeping section, front desk manager, security guards and helpers – they all somewhere somehow come in contact with people arriving or while attending events and so we have made them a compulsory rule of wearing a mask while being in any corner of the resort. 

4. Follow the floor marks and keep social distance in between

As cure is not available yet, basic instructions are given by the government to follow and amongst them is social distancing – where people are asked to maintain a two-hand distance gap while standing in a queue or in a public area. In all our resorts, we have placed stickers on the floor that marks the gap that needs to be maintained while standing on the front desk or in a buffet – this is our humble request to all our guests to follow those marks and respect the rules. Each rule passed is for your safety so we request you to follow them strictly and take care of everyone around you. 

5. Guests and staff members must keep on using hand sanitizers

Right after this pandemic struck us, we all have been familiar with sanitisers ( a chemical composition that has an alcohol ratio to kill germs on hands or at least prevent them from coming in contact with the mouth or nose ). We have placed different units and stands with sanitisers on different corners of the property and on spots where maximum people arrive such as the front desk, restaurant and lobby areas – every time when you touch something that might have come in contact with a number of people we suggest you sanitize the hands immediately. Even before entering the resort rooms or before touching your fresh clothes we believe you should sanitize your hands and not take the risk for granted. 

6. Use hand sanitizers everytime when you step out in public areas

We know and we can understand that if you are travelling from another city then the curiosity to explore the area will come up and we won’t stop you from going sightseeing but we will request you to carry a sanitiser with you. Either guests or staff members, if you are stepping out of the premises then must carry a sanitizer unit with you so that before you enter back in your room, you leave the virus traces far away. No matter how hard you try, you will come in touch with things and the virus is so unpredictable that you won’t even know from where and when you got it – so please keep on sanitizing your hands.

7. Keep on washing your hands, do not rely on sanitizers

The precautions given by the government are very basic but still, at times we forgot to follow them – soaps won’t protect you completely but it will at least prevent you from getting access to your mouth and nose. Sanitizers do kill germs but after a certain time they leave a foul smell on your hands and eating from those hands won’t be a good thing so to avoid that scenario we suggest using soaps – they would not only kill germs but leave a fresh fragrance on your palm. We have different corners in all our resorts where you can get a new piece of soap, wash your hands thoroughly and make sure that nothing infectious is left on your palms.   

8. We provide fresh kit of amenities and toiletries

All our resorts have been following this principle but when we reopened after a long lockdown we made sure that each time a room is allotted to a guest – a fresh kit of amenities and toiletries is provided to guests, that are well sterilized. The toiletries would include bath towels, napkins, table cloths, shower – conditioner bottles, soaps, tissue set and everything else as each resort varies from another in terms of included amenities and toiletries. 

9. We allot rooms with a duration gap of 24 hours

All our properties follow a standard check-in – checkout time to avoid the guest clash and make sure that the rooms are cleaned to look fresh but after this lockdown when we started to sanitize all our rooms we implemented a new rule. Once a guest checks out of the room we sanitize doorknobs, windows, wardrobes, furniture, side desks and everything to make sure that it’s clean with no viruses – after sanitizing we leave a gap of 24 hours and then a lot to other guests. We request guests to follow the timings and give us time to clean the room and later assign to another booking.

We want you to go through all our rules, read the details and then confirm your bookings for a staycation, for corporate events or for a wedding celebration – we will make sure that you leave the property just as you came. Your health, your safety, your hygiene is our priority and to maintain it well – we take it as our responsibility – to confirm your bookings with visit our website now.   

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