Make Your Monsoon Special With an Exotic Vacation in Sasan Gir by Trulyy India Hotels

Amongst the promising destinations, Trulyy India Hotels and Resort holds the best hotels in Sasan Gir – Gir Lion Safari Camp, an exclusive family resort with a swimming pool near Gir where vivid packages are offered to confirm a Sasan Gir hotel booking and explore the dense jungles around. The resort has maintained its services and hospitality standards to hold the rankings in promising family hotels in Sasan Gir by blending luxury, comfort and naturistic environment around each cottage offered to stay. The place has a theme to make each guest reconnect with nature and take an escape from the lousy city life routines while enjoying a lavish stay in the luxury resorts in Sasan Gir.  

There are very few luxury hotels in Sasan Gir that are in the outskirts of the city and close to the den of Asiatic Lions and other habitats that evolve with changing seasons – we have conference halls in Sasan Gir to entertain business events and official outing trips. The place has so much to explore like temples, flora, fauna, mango farms that are very rare to see in any of the luxury resorts in Sasan Gir National Park – our resort in Sasan Gir is so close to bushes that on being lucky the roar of lions could give you goosebumps. In fact, if you are a wildlife photographer then this is the place to fill your reel with numerous shades of nature.

To begin with excursion trips guests can get an itinerary for jeep safari in Sasan Gir where they could explore varied species of wildlife, watch Asiatic Lions in their natural habitat or a Sasan Gir safari which would include ancient temples, lakes, wildlife exploration, briefing regarding each habitats lifestyle, rural life exploration and nature photography. We are beyond other hotels in Sasan Gir in terms of service standards, interiors, milieu around and hospitality greetings from staff members – we offer luxury tents in Sasan Gir which have ritzy look outside but jaw-dropping interiors and furniture along with amenities that one could desire of having in a family resort in Sasan Gir.

Apart from corporate groups and families, if couples want to have a weekend romantic dinner night in a resort near Gir safari camp then they could drop us a request and we would give a setup in the bushes or around the pool that love will evolve with each bite of delicious Gujarati and multi-cuisine food dishes. Laters for night accommodation can be booked in our spacious and adequate luxury camp in Sasan Gir which has shadows of mango trees and private balcony space to enjoy a morning cup of hot tea or coffee. If you have a desire for a destination wedding then our banquet halls in Sasan Gir is the best option to choose and confirm bookings along with stay standards of family hotels in Sasan Gir for your accomponiances.  

After this long pandemic lockdown, we know how eager everyone is to pack their bags and take an off for a long weekend vacation or monsoon vacation – Sasan Gir is a place that reveals the most mesmerizing shades of its ambience in monsoon and winters. The greenery, the wildlife, the fauna and the monuments around look so fresh and lively that one could just sit back and enjoy the fresh breeze while holding hands of their loved ones. We have a swimming pool to splash in with your mates, chaise lounges to read your favourite novel, foosball and pool tables to have a sporting spirit, verandahs ahead or cottages to sit in your own private space, roof covered restaurant to enjoy Gujarati delicacies and multi-cuisine recipes, comfy beds to have sound sleep and wake up to the chirping of birds. If you have any desire to come over, please visit our website to confirm your bookings and we assure you we to return you with a rejuvenating experience.

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