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India is an incredible country where festivals and rituals are performed with utmost love and perceptions of God being part of it and among them, weddings are the most prior thing that is planned since the day a child is born. Most people plan for a destination wedding in India, as we Indians believe that marriage is a journey for eternity and so the bride and the groom put all their desires on that one daydream and also wish for it to be the most special and unique celebration of their lives. As there are some of the best venues for destination weddings in India where you can get the resemblance of vivid culture, traditions, rituals, ceremonies and beliefs that couples get an option to select a theme and make their day according to that.

The most famous state in India where maximum weddings are planned is Rajasthan, a destination wedding in Rajasthan is the dream of most of the couples either they are celebrities or a commoner. Trulyy India hotels and Resorts is a chain that has both luxurious and budget property to offer destination wedding packages in Rajasthan where all your ceremonies, rituals, guests accommodation, transportation, food, decorations, arrangements and services would be included. Some of the major cities in Rajasthan where destination weddings are planned and for where we offer wedding packages are mentioned below:-

Destination Wedding At Udaipur

The Maharana Bagh

The beautiful city of artificial reservoirs, often called the “ Venice of East “ – Udaipur is the most famous venue to plan a destination wedding, in fact after the celebrity weddings, the place has become the desirable venue for everyone around. There are historical wedding venues near Udaipur ( palaces turned into taverns ) where couples desiring a Maharaja theme wedding can book the venue – The Maharana Bagh is a resort listed in the venue for top destination wedding in Udaipur Rajasthan where our expert wedding planners make your dream for royal wedding in Udaipur Rajasthan come true. We make an itinerary where we plan sightseeing around the city for the guests, accommodation rooms, banquet halls for Mehendi – engagement, pre-wedding and post events photoshoots, host for your entertainment programs, DJ pool party for thrilling evenings and romantic candlelight dinner for all the couples to retrieve the romance and a beautifully decorated lawn where the couples would take their vows and get blessed for an eternity together. 

Destination Wedding At Jaisalmer

The Desert Palace

Jaisalmer is the most beautiful golden city of Rajasthan that is famous for its widespread deserts, royal palaces, holy temples, history of brave warriors, dynasty where princesses took over the thrones gracefully, adventurous activities, museums, folk performances and a lot more that can hold your heart forever. The Desert Palace and The Fort Aranya are the best royal wedding venues in Jaisalmer where our event planners make destination wedding Jaisalmer dream come true – we would offer you themes that you want to have for the day and later pre-wedding photoshoot in the desert, sightseeing around the city for guests, romantic night out for couples, pool party for their friends, restaurant to dine and banquet hall for the rituals and ceremonies would be included. Now imagine yourself taking pheras with your soulmate in a royal courtyard under a sky full of shimmering stars and loved ones showering blessings for happiness forever – we guess this is the ideal dream wedding to have.    

Destination Wedding At Kumbhalgarh

The Kumbha Residency

Kumbhalgarh has the famous World Heritage Site that depicts the history of brave rulers – the most inconceivable city of Rajasthan where a fairytale theme wedding can be planned. Our wedding planners in Kumbhalgarh would suggest you Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp and The Kumbha Residency – the two most fascinating wedding venues in Kumbhalgarh where royalty, art and ancient architecture style blends beautifully for a picture-perfect event. We have our own team of destination wedding planners in Kumbhalgarh that offers the most promising, reliable and affordable destination wedding packages in Kumbhalgarh and assures you to make your event desirable and a dream come true. It won’t just be a wedding but a family trip to the fort city – sightseeing, pre-wedding photoshoot, DJ night, pool party, Mehendi, sangeet, wedding day, accommodation for the guests, suite rooms for couple, food, transport and everything else that makes your event the perfect event. 

Destination Wedding At Ranthambore

The Tiger Roar

We all have a fond attachment with nature, the flora fauna and fascinating wild species – but are you the couple who are fond enough to make it your wedding theme? Confused? Our destination wedding planner in Ranthambore offers the jungle theme wedding or the garden theme wedding so that the natural touch which makes the Ranthambore famous can resemble on your wedding day. We have the most exclusive The Tiger Roar in the Ranthambore where your guests can enjoy a lavish accommodation, plan a pool party for your folks, enjoy sightseeing around the wildlife sanctuary, pre-wedding photo-shoot around the resort, lawn space for the open wedding night and all the minor set up that you would be required for the comfort of your guests and ease your celebration with perfection and grace.  

Destination Wedding At Jodhpur

Trulyy Rudransh Inn

The famous pink city is counted as a metropolitan city of Rajasthan where forts, palaces, temples, lakes, museums, resorts, art, culture, traditions and food dishes add a special touch of attraction for the couples to plan a destination theme wedding. The best wedding venue in Jodhpur that our top wedding planner in Jodhpur suggest is our resort Trulyy Rudransh Inn – a luxurious yet budget property that ideally fits in your budget and makes your event picture-perfect event. Couples desire for a luxury wedding venue in Jodhpur Rajasthan that doesn’t exceed their wedding budget so that they could make it more happening and make their wedding a memorable event – so this venue has everything for them falling in the budget. Our event planner in Jodhpur would plan for your guests to enjoy sightseeing and shopping around the city, couples and their close folks can go to desert or fort or palace for their pre-wedding photoshoot, easy availability of transport, standard accommodation, a candlelight dinner setup for all the couples who want to relish their romance all over again and everything else so up to mark that each guest being part of the wedding would relive the moments and memories of their wedding. 

Destination Wedding At Gujarat

Gir Lion Safari Camp

Gujarat is believed to be the most colourful and lively state of India that has pilgrim destinations, temples, forts, own history, art, land of legends and great leaders, vibrant, fascinating and has shades to reveal in each city that you be part of. There are some of the most unique, luxurious and the best destination wedding places in Gujarat which would leave you awestruck once you see them all decorated and prepared – the best wedding planner in Gujarat suggests varied themes for wedding, Garba theme wedding where troops of professionals perform the state dance on the bride and the groom entry – guests can enjoy sightseeing to some popular heritage sites, shopping in the local markets, food trials, pre-wedding photo-shoot in Bollywood style, pheras under a clear sky and an adequate space where each event would be enjoyed thoroughly. 

If your wedding date is fixed or if you are having a plan to have a wedding then do contact Trulyy India Hotels and Resorts – we would offer you such amazing wedding themes, destinations and places that you would feel like your wedding dream come true. We pledge to make the day special for the bride and the groom so that they could start their new beginnings with a bag of happy memories and a picture-perfect event that leaves the impression on the hearts of each guest of being part of your big celebration. For more details regarding our wedding themes, destinations and resorts – visit our website or drop us an email on our mentioned email id, till then keep following us on our social media pages for the latest package updates.    

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